Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bad Signs

It's those signs you wake up seeing, real close:

Or, for that matter, the one where you rush home feeling tired, make yourself stop and get something light for dinner, get home, put the baby watermelon in the fridge, check the mail, go to change your shoes and, sitting on the bed, think, I'll just lay down for a minute.

I half-woke an hour later, changed into bedclothes and was back in Slumberland wondering what Little Nemo was up to before you could say, "'Ware Flip!" I didn't read what it said on his hat until eight and a half hours later.

(Semi-relatedly, didja ever have one of those days? Or almost? --There's even a nested "one of those days" in my example!)


stuart said...

Done this lots of times, think I'll just shut my eyes for ten minutes, wake up two hours later.

og said...

Problem is, when the nurse arrives, it's never Nurse Goodbody with her sponge and pan of warm water, it's Nurse Ratched with the rubber gloves again.

BGMiller said...

Didja ever think that might just be a problem YOU have?

And that there might be a reason for it?


og said...

No, plenty of others have recounted the same story.