Sunday, May 13, 2012


Also on the ijit-box: NBC, interviewing the newsd00d who broke the breathtaking news that the Veep considers gay people marrying a yawner: "...the Vice-President came out in favor of gay marriage on your program...."

Shallowest. Closet. Evar.

And, GOP? Y'don't have to hop up, tail waggin' like Rover, and chase that stick every time the Dems throw it.

Pretty sure most folks -- other than politicians -- have already decided where they stand on this and feel they have good and sufficient reasons for their opinion. It's just "wiser heads" in the various Capitols who have to "triangulate" an' go review the latest poll results who are undecided or flipfloppy.

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Anonymous said...

Wedge issues are funny things. You need to find an issue that's about 133 on everyone's list of critical items. Then you need to talk about it in the media until everyone feels that they must take a side. Then you hope the undecided/independents are repulsed by the other team's position enough to come over to your side.
The vast middle thinks about gay marriage about twelve seconds every 18 months, but a lot of them sure don't want to rub shoulders with a bunch of gay bashing bigots in the right wing. Two of my favorite invented wedge issues were Stem Cell Research and Late Term Abortion as proxies for the NEVER to be ended fight over abortion.