Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear Red China: Molon Labe

Seen at David Codrea's: China Condemns U.S. Gun Ownership As Human Rights Violation. Oddly, the pants of the running dogs of the Liberator Of Tibet failed to burst into flames; one can only assume asbestos.

Yeah, Red China? As your lackeys point out, we've got nine guns for every ten Americans -- and the tenth citizen is reloading. So get stuffed. You're outgunned, outstubborned and have killed off your own subjects and inhabitants of occupied territories in numbers that make Joe Stalin look like a slacker: ain't nobody listenin' when Red China says we ought to be disarmed.


Anonymous said...

I dunno: I'm pretty sure that Barry and Bagman Holder are totally in agreement with the ChiComs on this one.

Come to think of it, if Tom Friedman is any indication, lefties in general have lots to love about Red China.

Tango Juliet said...

Another attempt at distraction from their wrongdoings and missteps.

See also the Dem's strategy of the "GOP War on Women."

Anonymous said...

I think that's sort of what is meant by the "foreign" part of "enemies foreign and domestic".

There are, of course, "domestic enemies", equal to the Chinese Communists when it comes to intent and threat.


Mike James

Robert Fowler said...

Coming from a country that says "political power comes from the barrel of a gun". They sound like the bunch of hypocrites we have in DC.

Anonymous said...

The best response is the one that China always gives when someone complains of how they treat their own people. Don't interfer with our nation, mind you own business. This has always been China's mantra when complaints are about their civil rights violations. Different takes.

Dave H said...

No, see, when a civilian shoots another civilian, that's a rights violation. When the government does it, that's protecting society.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Roberta! I wrote of this from David Codrea this AM, then saw you post.
Had to link to you.

Stranger said...

Hmm, including those that could be restored to service with elbow grease, more like three guns for every American.

We lack enough rifles to "put a rifleman behind every blade of grass," but we are close.

In case the four million man People's Army invades, each America rifleman will be forced to shoot 0.03 times.

And the pistol ladies will be there to provide the coup de gras for those merely wounded.