Saturday, May 26, 2012

IMPD = IMPeDe (Or Is It "Indy taMPereD?")

Tales of evidence-fondling in the Bisard case continue.

So, we've got an officer who may have been intoxicated on duty (unofficial BAC mesaurement of 0.19), speeding, and who did injure several motorcyclists and killed one. The police manage to take the blood sample incorrectly...and then fail to keep it refrigerated.

Turns out that even as the lack of refrigeration story was blowing up, IMPD officers were removing the samples from their sealed envelopes and takin' snapshots. This is not according to Hoyle -- or Peel or even normal procedure.

There are a lot of good officers in IMPD; there must be, or we'd all be jailed or dead, especially the many people who are pointing out the present mess. But the bad cops aren't doing the rest any favors. Even though it sure looks like that's what they set out to do.


Anonymous said...

Is a cop who covers for a bad cop really a "good" cop?

Roberta X said...

Nope. But IMPD is plenty large enough that lots of good -- or at least adequate -- officers were nowhere near the mess.

It's the bastids that made the mess -- and keep returning to mess in that corner over and over -- who need to get the axe now.