Tuesday, May 08, 2012

"...The Rise Of The Oceans Began To Slow..."

Did the sea-level increase slow for you, too Mitt? --Oh, no, wait, it's just that you can (sort of) spin that the Obama administration "took your advice," if you cast the bail-out as a "managed bankruptcy" and therefore, you should get some of the credit.

Those who posit no difference between the GOP and Dems can now point to one: the grandiose claims of Republican pols are less grandiose than those of their brothers-in-oppression across the aisle.

And, Mr. Romney? Not everyone thinks propping up those dinosaurs was such a great idea.

Boy, wouldn't it be great if once -- just once! -- somebody made it through the primaries about whom you could say something more positive than "Well, he's better than a severe beating."


Pakkinpoppa said...

That would set a precedent. But we've been voting for "the lesser of two weasels" for so long, are we surprised it's come to this?

That's what I remind the parents, anyway, when through clenched teeth, my mother said, "Mitt Romney is not a communist!" And that 4 more years of Zero would be...

I can't disagree that 4 years of Zero, with more Solyndras, FF2...(Faster and Furiouser!!), The Supremes...but 4 years of Rumney, like he's going to slow the car before it goes through the guardrail? Seriously? Mittens?

It's enough to make one invest in jacketed lead over the Eye Arr Eh. And keep a couple month head start on diapers for my son. We spent his children's money already, and at some point soon, the bill is due. Maybe even his grandchildren's money...I mean, 16 Trillion?

But ask the parental units, okay, elect Mittens. How does he fix this? And it's....I don't want to talk about it.

So we play with my son. He'll be 3 next month. He loves Hot Wheels cars, Thomas the Tank Engine, Winnie the Pooh, Shaun the Sheep...hard to ponder an uncertain future when he's around and we're making engine noises, or at the park.

perlhaqr said...

I would prefer the severe beating to having a "choice" of Mittens or Obamanation.

Drang said...

perlhaqr: Metaphorically, we get both!