Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gun Show Report

The Lawrence Gun Show is a good one! Put on by Central Indiana Gun Shows, who run a very full schedule of shows throughout Indiana and into Kentucky, in most of the major county seats.

The show was in the National Guard Armory at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, filling both the lobby and the gymnasium. About as large as the Tri-State show earlier in the month.

The exhibitors were good, a very nice assortment of handguns and long guns from brand-new to collectibles, a few knife vendors (one with a really wide selection of name brands). Every gun show has some non-gun vendors but this show was remarkable in that there were two, and one of the was a fellow with a good selection of books (guns, military, self-sufficiency/Foxfire) and plastic models. Of course I bought one, Glencoe's take on the von Braun/Disney "Retriever Rocket," a highly-modified Ferry Rocket fourth stage.

A fellow had gen-u-ine Russian-made Nagant revolver ammunition, $6 for 14 rounds. This is a deal -- I bought two boxes.

...And wouldn't you know, a J. C. Higgens .22 revolver showed up. This is my old friend the High-Standard Sentinel, only built for Sears with some differences in trim and detail. The example I found was nickel-plated, in good shape and priced to sell -- which it did. To me. Photos and a range report will follow.

Tamara found a few things, too; but that's her story to tell.

I have to say, if this show is typical of the promoter (and it appears to be), they do a fine job. Highly recommended!


RichD said...

Sounds like a good show. They hold one here in Evansville at the 4H center that is usually pretty good. It is next weekend. Haven't hit the Indy one yet. Just the Indy 1500.

Cincinnatus said...

I like gun shows with an eclectic mix of tables full of interesting junk. I hate gun shows that are filled with regular shop dealers than just emptied their store onto a table combined with tables of chinese crap.

Brad said...

I've got that model kit, as well as the Glencoe re-issue of the Passenger Rocket. The Retriever Rocket kit was featured in an old Disney show about space as well. There are some better pictures here: