Friday, May 11, 2012

This Modern Age

Of course they have wi-fi.

Later: at the endoscopy place, that is; and Tam tells me it was blazin' fast. I'd only got the one sentence writ when the "your table is ready" buzzer went off and a nurse came for me.

Upside: free, unlimited pre-heated blankets. (This is one of the very best things about modern medicine, IMO) Friendly, helpful staff. Downside: It was middlin' hard to get the vein they'd picked for the IV, what with the mild dehydration occasioned by the prep process -- and I even drank extra water last night!

The doctor was a nice guy, too. He seemed pretty unassuming, with none of the "Great Artiste" airs some specialists take up. (Downside, the patient "takes up" considerable air in the process, which exits, rudely, the same way it went in.)

And the verdict? All those years of eating oatmeal paid off. No barnacles or toredos* and apparently no knots, either. Hooray!

Tam stopped at Good Morning Mama's on the way home and picked up take-out brekky for us -- a Western Omelet with fried tatties for me, and toast I slathered with orange marmalade at home. Washed down with the two cups of coffee I didn't have when I woke up, yum! Fell asleep shortly after, despite the coffee. I am still a bit reely-reely spaced out, wobbly on my feet, visuals about like the actor's POV in an old Hollywood movie right before she passes out.
* Which reminds me -- fans of Keith Laumer's delightful "Retief of the CDC" yarns might be interested to know that "gribble-grubs" which the Groachi (the usual heavies, they are) like to snack on are apparently a Terran export. It figures!


Popgun said...

I fondly remember Retief....


Anonymous said...

Great to hear!

The food makes it all better.


Drang said...

"They have wifi." Glad you explained, I was wondering.

"Barnacles or toredos", LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing here--you carried on with an 83r (Stoic Endurance) with just a tad of 142d (Silent Suffering With Utter Grace)?

Mike James

Tango Juliet said...

Glad to hear you got good news. My wife tells me I'm highly entertaining when coming out from under. The attending nurse told me to let any air go that I may have picked up and without missing a beat, I looked at her and said, "Pull my finger."

I wish I could have been there to remember it.

rickn8or said...

Glad you got a good report. I've got this to look forward to this summer.

BobG said...

No pictures for the blog?

JC said...

Good to her you're doing well. Houston's Ben Taub Hospital (from which I just returned after a week's stay) has NO WI FI AT ALL. Therefore, nothing posted from me and my new friend Dilaudid.

Matt G said...

Hey, look at that. Some of my friends actually know how to take care of themselves. This makes me happy.

Maybe some of our mutual friends will learn by 'zample.