Sunday, May 13, 2012


I note that they're offering some very nice, Altoids-tin-meets-Steampunk versions of the "art camera." Tempting!


Anonymous said...

I bit and clicked on the link. Thank goodness my shopping cart is empty. What is it, anyway?

Terry T

Ed Skinner said...

You know, if you're gonna go retro, you shouldn't go half way. Get a used Speed Graphix 4x5 sheet film camera, a spot meter, some Pan-X that's been wrapped and frozen in aluminum foil for two decades, the chemicals, trays, an enlarger and the whole nine yards and do, I mean really, really do Ansel's Zone system. Then, to make it interesting, load one (1) sheet of film, drive *exactly* 25 miles and stop. Look around to find the picture, plan the sun, set up and wait for perfection and ... "Click!" After that, it's all downhill. Scan and post on the blog, of course. Now *that's* goin' retro!

Roberta X said...

Ed: I had a friend who did that. Had the view camera, worked and worked at it, got really good -- and got zero recognition. You have to be majorly tapped into the Art scene. Too rich for my blood.

Terry, it is an arty little camera with a funky lens. You shoot lots, get the begs contact printed, find the good ones and have them blown up. Not Ansel Adams stuff, but kinds fun.

Anonymous said...

Neat! How many megapixels? And does it have a USB port?


Roberta X said...

I should have written " the negs contact-printed...kinda fun." This is what comes of typing on a Kindle.

Doc Jim: it's actually quite a lot of megapixels but it takes extra equipment to get that.