Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Root Beer: Closer Than I Thought

It's not on tap, but Sunday, Tam returned from the reliably eclectic Locally Grown Gardens (a bike ride away) with two bottles of this: I like it; it's not as creamy as Dog'n'Suds but very smooth and not overly sweet.

Other recent sodage: Dapper Cola (tasty, not "bitey" but could possibly use a bit more cola flavor) and a beverage remarkably similar to the pre-HFCS taste of another "peppy" beverage. I'll bet it would be just as good at 10, 2 or 4! Recommended.


rickn8or said...

"just as good at 10, 2 or 4!"

Not old enough to get that reference.

(And if you believe THAT...)

Rob said...

You can still get Plano Tx. non-HFCS on a limited basis in WV-but you will pay the premium price, 73 de Rob

Anonymous said...


I'm a bit of a root beer enthusiast, and I seek out any new brands that I haven't tried before. I've probably tried over 50 different types of root beer so far. My favorite, by FAR is Virgil's.


If you have never tried it before, I heavily recommend it. It's hard to find an actual brewed root beer as opposed to a root beer flavored soda water. Anyway, have a good day! Dahil.

Roberta X said...

Virgils is good. For bottled versions, I'd give the Lafayette Triple XXX is slight edge over it.

There's one in-store brewer here in Indy I haven't tried, nor have I had the "rebooted" Dog'n'Suds. Hope to get around to it by and by.

Roberta X said...

(Oh, Rob, Dr. Pepper had a "retro" edition out awhile back -- I bought one of the big 12-packs and just about swooned for joy.)

Anonymous said...

loved dogs and suds as a kid. Wish we still had them down south.

Ken said...

I keep an eye out for Dr. Pepper Throwback.

This is another one of those "everything's amazing, and nobody's happy" topics. Granted that no one's happy for (often) good reason, but there's a lot of amazing out there. I remember when "exotic" soft drinks meant a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC or thereabouts to score some locally-made ginger beer.

Back in the '70s, though, I did make a batch of sarsaparilla (using extract obtained from the lamented Wine-Art of Ohio and champagne yeast -- it was actually about as alcoholic as non-alcoholic beer). Pretty good. I'd like to try a good sarsaparilla again.

Ken said...

Addendum to the previous: I know, I know, but Wine-Art also sold a separate root beer extract. The sarsaparilla I made had a root-beer-like, but not exactly root beer, flavor.