Thursday, May 31, 2012

Morning Thoughts

- Did not wake up well this morning: fought to the surface. Still strugglin'. Some mornings are like that.

- The State Fair has 500 job openings to fill at a job fair today. Last year, they had considerably more applicants than openings and expect this year's turnout to be even bigger. This is for short-term jobs around Fair time, most of which pay $7.50 an hour. Yeah, tell me again how well that economic recovery is going? (Upside: State Fair workers are generally pleasant, helpful and friendly, about as far from the stereotyped "government worker" as possible.)

- We now know that it's "Amercia" that has 57 states. And presumably that nation participated in a war that helped end the Polish death camps. Somebody needs to make a multipartisan list of campaign fact-gaffes, with an eye toward using the misinformation to write alternate-history fiction. I predict the resulting parallel Earth would boggle Turtledove.


perlhaqr said...

But gosh, at least he doesn't pronounce it "nukyulur". ;)

Anonymous said...

I think Obama's memory is pretty good, considering the love and craft which he devoted to getting stoned to the bone.

Mike James

Anonymous said...

You forgot the part about Obama's uncle liberating the Polish death camps.

wolfwalker said...

"The State Fair has 500 job openings to fill at a job fair today."

There is something almost poetic about the State Fair holding a Job Fair to find workers. Clearly the Universe was feeling in a slightly silly mood the day that notion came up.