Sunday, May 13, 2012

"It Followed Me Home...."

You start out thinking it would be nice to have a little double-action .22 revolver, to shoot up all the crummy .22 that won't cycle your semi-auto while also practicing grip and control.

Next thing you know, this happens:See, when they show up, the price is low, 'cos, well, ".22 revolver" is very much a back-yard family activity and there aren't nearly as many back yards where that's possible any more (more's the pity).

The J.C. Higgins is interesting, in some ways nicer than the High-Standard original. It doesn't have the clever palm-swell grip; OTOH, the cylinder release is a little more finger-friendly and the grip is a lot more like a generic Colt/Smith & Wesson. A matter of taste, I suppose. And dig that shiny nickle plating!


DaddyBear said...

To quote the Joker - Where does she get such wonderful toys?

A .22 revolver is definitely on my short list at the moment. Congrats on such good finds.

Anonymous said...

Had a K-22 Model 17 6" Smith for a while.
Great for learning trigger control.


Ed Skinner said...

Hmmm. I think you need an older H&R so you can shoot single or double action. Watch for a nine round break-top model just so the box of ammo will never come out even.

Roberta X said...

All of these will shoot SA -- but that would be cheating. :)

JC said...

Yes you can keep it, but you have to promise to take care of it, exercise it regularly, and keep it fed. I don't think housebreaking will be a problem.

Panamared said...

If there is anything more fun than 22 rim-fire in any flavor, I don't know what it is. Enjoy the new old toy of the day.