Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vinegar Pie!

I had it as a child -- possibly. Very tasty, too. A version of the venerable sugar cream pie, one of the Symbols of Indiana. (Not kiddin'!) I was very young at the time and perhaps I had misremembered? No-one else appeared to have heard of it.

So was it a dream? The name seemed unlikely...until today! Wiki-wandering, "Chess pie" turned up and there it was: an offhand mention of the closely-related, "Vinegar pie" which "generally adds somewhere between a teaspoonful and tablespoonful of vinegar to the above ingredients to reduce the sweetness." Hah! It does exist!


FarmGirl said...

Roberta, people look at me funny when I mention mayonnaise cake too. Don't feel bad.

Dave H said...

Farmgirl: I never understood why people would think it was strange. Mayo is just eggs and oil, right? Heck, every cake mix you buy at the store insists you add those very ingredients.

Anonymous said...

USS Missouri Buttermilk Pie

The story of what the Chief Steward's Mate told the President, alone, is worth it.

Mike James

Shermlock Shomes said...

My maternal grandmother made one once while I was visiting. We both agreed that it was barely edible. She never made another. However her chocolate pie (made from scratch) is something that I still miss. Along with her company.