Friday, May 25, 2012

On The Lighter Side

Novel and film about the couple living in Canada's far North who raise an orphaned polar bear cub: Born Freeze.

The hyper-regulated cash-sink device that causes Green/NIMBY protests and leaves crumbling, unfinished ruins? Nuclear Overreactor!

Why hasn't anyone rewritten the lyrics of "Sunshine" by folk-rocker Jonathan Edwards for the John Edwards affair/resulting child/possible misuse of campaign funds mess? I'm pretty sure he's in a "don't feel much like dancin'" mood.

While you're down there in Tin Pan Alley, have a go at the Guess Who's No Sugar Tonight: "There's a Gray Lady tryin'a take over/There's a New York Times come to call/It's the new York Times taking over/They're after us all/They're after us all.

"Lied-to feeling, deep inside/There's no corner where I can hide/Silent newsprint deceivin' me/Sudden darkness and I can't see.

"No paper tonight with my coffee/No paper with my tea/No paper that'll gaslight me/No paper for catbox pee.

"In the madness of their lies/Quiet deceptions they can try/grabbing for me with their lies/Scales are falling from my eyes.

"Folks say don't read it and I believe'm/When we talk about what they say/I haven't got the will or the strength to quit it/When it shows up every day."

(Etc. You're on you're own for the rest of the lyrics and the chord progression.)


wolfwalker said...

"Why hasn't anyone rewritten the lyrics of "Sunshine" by folk-rocker Jonathan Edwards for the John Edwards affair/"

I would rather see if carny "medium" John Edward can contact John Edwards' political career, as it certainly now resides on the Other Side.

Roberta X said...

Oooo, cold read, man. ;)

Data Viking said...

Add Nipsco's Bailly to the list, it also was started but only to the excavation of the foundations stage before being cancelled. I used to work at the steel mill next door and drove past that large water-filled hole every day.