Saturday, May 05, 2012

Maybe He Is A Medium-Sized Dog

Or a very small tiger: Huck the cat has decided a great way to show affection is to lay down beside me in the manner of a dog: he relaxes snuggled up close, kind of rolling a bit as he stretches out. He remains the single most muscular cat I have ever met, too. Dozing next to me, he is as long as my torso. Dog, tiger, a miniature Charles Atlas in a fur suit? Nope -- its Huck the cat.

Meanwhile, Rannie Wu seems all the more delicate and elfin by contrast -- but not the cute kind for children's books. Nope, if the Sidhe have their own predatory and (relatively) big cat, it looks just like Rannie.

(Of some interest, the Little People do have an associated breed of cats, which I learned this morning is described as black with a white spot on the chest, just like my dear, gone Slinky and Tommy -- so perhaps The Slinker, built to a far smaller scale than most cats, was indeed a Fairy Princess Cat in more than nickname. And her father, a king!)


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

You really need to meet Tiggr.

Anonymous said...

Sometime when Huck's in the room, check out the killdeer calls at . My two cats go nuts, looking behind the speakers, the monitor, etc. trying to find the injured bird. Have your camera handy.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I made a mistake and tried to send that as a clickable link. Killdeer calls at