Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hello, Young Bloggers

Or new, anyway. Tam posted links to her first but Julie is a welcome addition to the gunblogosphere, especially since she hails from where it's summer when we're shivering in snow. Along about January, I'll be hoping for reports of sunshine from Perth. Um, okay, begging.

And via her, a link to some RJ-45 based interestingly-geeky jewelry at Artful Articulations. I think one could do more a delicate version (in size, anyway) with male and female SMA connectors, typically gold-plated and about 1/4" OD; they'd need to be pared down to the minimum for jewelry but that's exactly the kind already made for direct circuit-board interface.
For a more Victorian take, 7mm connectors would be ideal, but they'd have to be lockets: as UHF-and-up connectors go, they're huge. But they refrain from doing anything so coarse as actual mating: when they hook up, they chastely kiss. Downside: these high-precision connectors cost like jewelry already! Very cool but a little creepy. (Creepier still when you look at 'em with test equipment: on the frequencies where I play, they do. not. show. up. There's no discontinuity at the interface as far as the costs-more-than-a-Tesla-roadster test gear can see. They're stealth connectors!)


Assrot said...

Either blogger has gone tits up again or Julies blog no longer exists. Here's what I got when i followed your link.

Blog not found
Sorry, the blog you were looking for does not exist. However, the name jigsawthoughts is available to register!


Word Verification rifjuk :-)

Roberta X said...

Me and my 1337 typing skilz! Fixed now -- "jigsawSthoughts" it should have been.

Sendarius said...

When winter's cold hits your town in the depths of January, it'll be 43 degrees in Perth - that's CELSIUS, about 110 Fahrenheit.

Roberta X said...

Sounds fine to me -- along about Jan., I'm dreaming of those eggs-frying-on-sidewalk days!

...You should write more. (Please? Pleeeeze with big sad doggie eyes?) How does the Big Financial Meltdown look from Perth? With a more-than-solvent Federal Government and possibly fewer crazy loans (nobody's even sure what entitity really holds the note on a lot of 'em here!), I'd suspect .au is in a better position to ride this'n out than most other countries.

Roberta X said...

(Ahh, crud -- awash in my own dialect, I did not stop to think that in most of the English-speaking world, those things people walk on next to city streets are pavements. All part of the fun, right?)

Julie said...

hehehehe ... we actually call them "footpaths", but don't worry, we're used to translating "americanisms" (e.g. lbs, fahrenheit and those funny gallon things you have). Thanks for the welcome and i agree - Sendarius should write more, esp on the financial meltdown.