Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween And Halloween Stew

It was a pretty good All Hallow's Eve here at Roseholme Cottage, with a steady stream of very young Trick-or-treater's in full and fanciful costume -- and their slightly older siblings making only the least nod to dressing up.

We started the evening with three full bags of candy and ended with one (1) piece left; handed it out from a big colander and after I got home, I restrung Stingray's colander mask and wore it to do the handing out.

...As for Halloween stew, it was what I had for lunch today (and supper Sunday), improvised from what was in the cupboard: quinoa cooked in chicken broth, sprouted lentils, chickpeas, a crumbled strip of bacon, a little fresh celery and carrot and nice chunks of spam.But you could be forgiven for thinking it was tiny worms, lumps of long pig and assorted mysterious innards, the way most people seemed to. (Even Tam found it a bit much. I guess quinoa is an acquired taste, mild though it is).


Brian said...

I'm pretty sure Quinoa isn't a foodstuff as much as a building material!

LabRat said...

I like quinoa just fine, though I might have blinked at the spam and sprouted lentils.

Glad to hear the mask is getting a working retirement.

Roberta X said...

Brian: Harrumpf! I think of it as rice on acid. Especially red quinoa.

LabRat: The sprouted ones cook quicker and taste much the same. My only thing with lentils is, there's a point where they're perfect and you just have to stop and eat them right then; overcooking does them much wrong. The sprouted ones are not as good as ordinary dried, but not as persnickitty, either.

Spam was a desperation move but I actually like it; while it is at the bland end of the bacon/ham axis, it's definitely on it. The stuff gets a bad rap.

Stingray said...

All you had to do was ask and you could borrow the rest of the get-up too. ;)

EmmaPeel said...

Quinoa is very high on my favorite food list. I love a simple breakfast of quinoa, honey, and a bit of butter. Pecans are good on it as well.

Sabra said...

Not too long ago, I had an acquaintance panicking that she was going to have to throw out the bulk of her dinner because her rice mix had "little worms" in it. I asked her if the mix included quinoa; it did, and she was relieved to learn the worms are a good sign.