Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Turning A Buck? No?

...It's one thing to wave signs at bankers, it's another to smash their windows; it's one thing to have a "leaderless movement" and claim to be standing up for the little guy -- it's another when a medum-sized guy comes up with a kewl T-shirt that riffs off that movement and starts sellin' it, and the "leaderless movement" whines about not getting a share in the profit until the thing is withdrawn from sales.

Hip-hop artiste and clothing designer Jay-Z made himself an "Occupy All Streets" T, got tweeted wearing it, sold a bunch for $22 a pop...and then yanked it when an "OWS leader" (???) got all butthurt about not getting a slice of the action.

Gee, whose idea was the shirt? Seems OWS has the same notions about intellectual property as they do about real estate and cash money: it's only yours if they've decided not to take it from you. Yet.

Thugs. It's a pity -- they and many of the TEA parties had some common goals, like ending the Federal Reserve and lettin' failing banks fail; I'd've liked to see 'em get together where they could and maybe move the mess off top dead center but it wasn't to be and now, as the po-leece once again roust 'em from their comfy, expropriated park, OWS has dropped below self-parody and started digging bare-handed in the mud, still hoping that the bottom will drop out as they bore toward bedrock. --And maybe toward Bedrock, too.


Billy said...

Actually I heard today that Roca wear didn't pull them, they sold out. They are making more.

Roberta X said...

Heh. If true, super-cool.

Nathan said...

I'll be interested to see whether the Tea Party or Occupy will appear in high school American History texts in the next 10-20 years.

I'm betting on Occupy. Mass anarchy on the part of young people tends to make better history copy for scrool chilluns, which is probably why I remember reading in high school about '60's radicals and how important they were in the political discourse of the day. Kill the pigs, baby. Up the revolution.

Yeah. Legends in their own minds, less than a footnote to history for those of us who know better. Like food poisoning, this too shall pass.

Robert Fowler said...

They are going to need flamethrowers to clean the park of all the fleas and lice. They can always re-plant the trees.

Panamared said...

As intelligent as Thomas Jefferson is known to be, he sympathized with the French revolution. The difference between the rule of law [Tea Party], and the rule of man [OWS], is similar to the difference between the American Revolution, and the French Revolution. Fortunately we have history to guide our decisions.

Brian said...

Hmmm, I attended some Tea party events and I did not recall them wanting to install a Communist gubmint! I must have missed that one. :P

Roberta X said...

...Hey, the two groups never had all that much in common -- now the Occupiers seem to have morphed mobward and toward destruction for the sake of hearing the crash and clatter; but there was a short, shiny moment when they overlapped just a little.

History is made when such commonalities can be exploited. Earlier comments about the American and French Revolutions show what a knife-edge that can be.