Thursday, November 24, 2011

Update: Occupy Broad Ripple With Guns Initiator

It could have been agitprop. Some of it still could be past history of a reformed soul -- but it is not looking all that good for the fellow who launched Occupy Broad Ripple With Guns.

Please remember that the event itself is an informal thing; showing up and talking nicely about self-defense with people who are willing to chat does not constitute an endorsement of anyone else doing the same thing. Tam and I still plan to visit downtown Broad Ripple Saturday night and we'll be smiling and sharing info. It's not a time or place to debate politics.

That out of the way, Republican blogger Paul K. Ogden and progressive blogger Mark Small have been digging. (This is what happens when you go on TV -- and why I advise against it unless you are ready for it and, ideally, squeaky-clean. People will dig into your online presence, your datatrail.)

It looks as if our guy -- or someone from the same area using the same name and noms de web, specifically "Der Ecips Gnaw" -- might not be squeaky-clean. (Or, hell, maybe the guy that shot from the grassy knoll had his grandkids in the Soros-Koch NSA IT lab at Area 51 gin up a quickie smear job, but I'd hate to have to put money on that). Paul Ogden's got links and some hard-to-read Google docs. Me, I'm cynical; I remember Winston Smith's gig. I've got screencaps.

Take them as you will. The first concerns the sale of a product that, for all I know, is legal and harmless; make up your own mind. Links to both pages at Ogden on Politics, see above.
[Click images to enlarge]The second is from 2004. It's ugly. The account appears to have gone dormant in '04 or '05. Six years is a long time, especially for someone in their 20s or 30s, and if his views have changed, it would behoove him to step up and sing out. Come on down front here and witness!

Sigh. I'm trying to address this without too much of my own wishful optimistic and/or pessimistic projection onto what is and isn't there. It's never as simple as we'd like, is it?


Stranger said...

A century and a half ago, a man who had done something regrettable could take make a hole and disappear into it. As the 49ers song "What Was Your Name in the States" with it's chorus of "Was it Thompson, Johnson, or Bates; did you murder your wife and flee for your life; oh what was your name in the States," bears witness.

Today, every youthful indiscretion is on record forever, and there is no escape.

There are many Small people who will hold what a thoughtless boy did at seventeen against the man of fifty. And that is doubly regrettable.

It is a major reason we have so many two for a penny candidates these years.


TBeck said...

Even a blind nut finds a squirrel occasionally.