Friday, November 18, 2011


If silencer owners can get into baaaad trouble by owning potscrubbers and insulation, imagine the outcry this stuff will cause once Maxim's inheritor's lay holt of it!

The world's lightest solid (scoot over, aerogels) is what I'm on about. It's genuine metallic-type metal, it's got incredibly convoluted interior spaces -- and you can customize 'em. The applications are...interesting.

Update: Kudos to Skip, who points out that this stuff might be a useful impact-absorbing layer in body armor. Imagine if you could make the compression and expansion run at different rates (short, hard impact becomes long, slow reaction, actual force -- area under the curve -- remaining constant) or partially anisokinetic by proper arrangement of the lattice.


Skip said...

sure sounds like a cool body armor set up.

og said...

God forbid you have a kitchen scrub and an empty water bottle. THE HORROR!!

Robert Fowler said...

I guess next will be brillo pads and steel wool.

TBeck said...

Anyone with a 1-liter soft drink bottle and some duct tape in their home has the means to construct a suppressor. Here's hoping that one day mens rea will mean something in the courtroom again.

mikee said...

What about pillows? I have seen pillows used any number of times to silence handguns in movies, often using the victim's own pillow as the sound suppressor when the killer pulls the trigger. Usually, it is feathers everywhere when the gun goes bang, quietly.

And on a related topic, is having a live goose therefore the same as having parts for a silencer? Distinctly Rabelaisian at least, in my opinion.