Sunday, November 06, 2011

Tactical Microphone

Tam, on flashlights: "Sure, there are some good lights coming out of the Far East these days, but people don't understand -- the Surefire is my constant companion light, in my turse, my winter coat pocket, in my car. I've demo'd these things by pounding nails with them on -- incandescent versions!"

RX: "So, it's a go-to light, always ready-- Hey! They sell E-V 635 microphones by hammering nails with them, too. I wonder--"

Wonder no longer. There is, of course, a tactical black version of the 635 -- with an uprated rare-earth magnet, no less! And in all seriousness, if you need a mic that simply will work, that's the one. Probably still the go-to microphone of combat/riot journalism: it's a mic, a billy club and even an emergency earphone! (The latter trick terrifies the overcautious, and you really should turn the volume down before plugging into the headphone jack of your iThing, but it works a treat).


JC said...

Have you seen the "destructive testing" they do on the Shure SM-58?

og said...

I have used a 635 to line up holes in scaffolding.

I have also seen people blowing smoke directly into a Neumann U67, and it mad me want to use a 635 directly on their head.

Miguel said...

To this date there are only 2 mikes that you can use to frame a house: Shure SM 57 and Sennheiser MD-41.

@ Og, I saw one guy also doing that crap to a U67. His body was never found.

Tango Juliet said...

Isn't this yet another prime example of the abuse of the term "tactical?"

C'mon now. :)

Ed Skinner said...

Ach! Fie! Evil!!
SM-58s rule!

Roberta X said...

Yes and no -- if "tactical" means "painted black and able to withstand huge amounts of abuse," the black 635ND-B qualifies

Roberta X said...

I like Shure and Sennheiser dynamic mics (Audio-Technica and AKG make some nice ones, too) but for sheer indestructibility, the E-V 635 wins, period. May not be the prettiest-sounding and the omni pattern can be a bother, but when you need it, it works.

The good ol' Neumann condensers... Yeah, I've had 'em around smokers, too. We swapped in SM-7s wherever we could.