Monday, November 14, 2011

Received This Date

...Addressed to "Roberta [X] and Tamara [K]," (awww) from "Central Indiana Labor Council AFL-CIO," a mass-mailing reminding us of the November election "just a few days away" and featuring a list of candidates who have "received endorsement and/or recommendation to support" from that organization.

(You'd never [not in a million, zillion years] guess what party they all are. Oh, shock.)

The "recommendation to support" listees all get a special asterisk. Darned if I know why -- what, you should vote rilly rilly hard for them? Treat 'em to a cuppa joe? Sorry, pols can earn their own or do without -- votes, coffee, whatever.

Anyway, CILC, thanks for your good-citizenship in telling me who to vote for. I'd sure hate to have to make up my own mind! Maybe next year, you might want to hire a crew who can get the thing in the mail on time?

Send it along. It's non-glossy paper and we can always use catbox liner.


John A said...

"Maybe ... you might want to hire a crew who can get the thing in the mail on time?"

"On time" is not just political junk mail. Not sure where the problem is, but four times in the last two months I have gotten notices of week-long sales on the last day of said sales. I do not off-hand recall this happening more than once a year until this Fall.

Tam said...

When the AFL-CIO can't stand up for a single Socialist Workers' party candidate, then it's obviously all just payola.

Nathan said...

We got one of those, addressed to my wife and my mother. Both registered D's.

I know, I know. What can I do? :)

At least Mom has soured on Obama. He won't be getting her vote this time around.

Quizikle said...

I believe the post office is full of dedicated, only-we-can-do-it-right, union workers