Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy Broad Ripple With Guns


There's been some trouble up in The Village proper, what Tam calls "the Strip," a few blocks of bars, clubs and pubs centered on Broad Ripple Avenue (62nd St.) and running East from College Ave.: three young women have been robbed and the most recent victim was raped. Generally happens late and when the target is alone.

(This is no little distance from Roseholme Cottage, but we always practice awareness around here anyway; one never knows.)

In response to this spate of bad outcomes, one young man has set up a Facebook page for "Occupy Broad Ripple With Guns" and is planning an open carry event on 26 Nov, a week from this Saturday; participants will show up OCing, enjoy the nightlife (but refrain from drinking) and generally show the flag...and remind malefactors that this is Indiana: they cannot count on their victims being unable to fight back.

As Tam remarks, "What they call 'OBR w/G,' we of Roseholme call 'Tuesday.'" Or Saturday, or any other day of the week. In Indiana, we are not required to conceal, it just makes for a simpler day if you do. If you're going to carry, carry consistently; get training; practice regularly. It's not just for special days.

It's a hot topic over at the Indiana Gun Owners forum!



Hi Roberta X, this is john from OBRwg. We thank you for your mention on your blog. We wish you the best!

Bubblehead Les. said...

OC during the Busiest Shopping Weekend of the Year. Cool!

Larry said...

Generally speaking, bad things always happen when the victim is alone. Good reason to go about in public as part of a group whenever possible. Smith and Wesson makes it possible most of the time.

The Jack said...

Well is OBRwG an expressly OC event?
(Facebook wants me to login to even see the page. Lovely.)

You're completely right. The whole point of carrying is that you don't know when a "bad day" will happen.

That's why one carries all the time.

Though the event is the proper response to such crime. More guns in the hands of the law abiding and less condition white.

Far better than the alternative of trying to create a "weapons free" zone in BR.


Jack: I wouldnt say that its an expressly OC event. I expect less than 50% of attendees to be carrying. Our event is a public awareness campaigned aimed at informing, through passed out literature, the process to get a hand gun, information on reputable gun shops, and how to obtain training. Despite what the media is portraying, this is no vigilante patrol. Thanks for your interest and support everyone!