Wednesday, November 09, 2011

On Elections

Well, The Accidental Mayor will remain in office. Considering his opponent had pledged to join the Bloomberg anti-civil-rights group, Illegal Mayors Against Guns, I'm not entirely displeased.

--And I'm not as happy as I could be, either. So, it seems, is a majority the electorate, who returned him with a smaller margin than last time and saddled him with an opposing-party majority on the City-County Council -- and at the various news sites, one of the most common comments was along the lines of, "You'd've won with a huge majority if you would fire Frank Straub."

Our ever-popular Public Safety Director is probably a big part of the reason Mayor Ballard didn't get the F.O.P. endorsement, too.

Well, he's got another four years. I sure hope he learns some new things -- and/or takes better advice.

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Nathan said...

I'm not so sure how important the FOP endorsement was. As I heard it, regardless of the endorsement, the rank and file were still behind Ballard. And I had that from a pretty highly-placed source.

Plus, I'll swear I heard that the AFSCME local that represents the workers in the City-County Building came out for Ballard. But I can't find a reference now. Ah, wait, here we go.

What strikes me about the results is that 10,000 more Pubbies arsing themselves to vote could have saved their council majority, just by saving the at-large seats. But that's been true in just about every local election for the past 20 years.