Monday, November 21, 2011


So, they caught a pipe bomber in New York City the other day -- nipping in the bud a nitwit who, with the help of an al-Qaida online magazine, was turning a JD prank into a more-serious threat.

NYC's mayor, the odious Bloomberg, offered up this soundbite: "This is a city that people [who] would want to take away our freedoms gravitate to and focus on."

Funny you should mention that, sir. There's a major anti-freedom group headquartered in your city that-- Oh, you've heard of MAIG? You bankrolled it? You run it?

Hunh. So, the difference between you and the pipe-bomber is what, exactly? He was after harming victims directly, while you'd just disarm them and leave them for thugs?

(Wikipedia's section on MAIG mayors with criminal histories has been expunged -- again -- but a few are listed here. Tsk, and we're supposed to take their advice?)

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Derfel Cadarn said...

Mikey is a viscious little munchkin he sees himself as defender of the world. however he is only a sub compact bustbody that because he has made some money thinks he can tell you what to do. His present term as major is illegal as by reforendum balloting New Yorkers put in place term limits which both the poison dwarf and the city counsel have ignored. This nasty little piece of work will one day be answerable to the people and juctice will be served. and there was much rejoicing.