Monday, November 28, 2011

Letters! We Get Letters!

Including very scolding trolls:
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There are a number of points raised by Bill.

He appears to espouse a version of the "just one touch marks you forever" notion that makes (some) other people believe that thanks to my Cherokee g'g'grandmother, I'm not human. Except his kind of "purity" is ideological. Oh, how can he ever again trust what I say? (Doing a search on my blog for what I have said in the past might be a way to scope me out, and you might even use The Wayback Machine to check if I'm retconning; it's grabbed a few pages. I've thrown people off this blog for racist comments; I've delivered no end of lectures on what a stupid, stupid idea racism and other such hatefulness is).

So, Bill, some group with a member about whom questions have been raised shows up in my neighborhood, addressing the issue of firearms for personal defense, and I'm just supposed to cede the field to them? I went up and checked out what they were actually doing at the event. I can't tell what was in anyone's heart but I know what the words and actions I saw were.

If the behavior of participants at the event had been hinky or words weaseled, I would have called it out; this is an area where the Amendment most useful would be the First one.

But let us hypothesize that you're right about some person involved, a little thought-experiment; in that case, what happened? Why, a (postulated) baaaaaad guy had to be nice to the kinds of people he affects to despise. Our hypothetical individual even had to hand them factual information on how to get a handgun permit. If you were right, who got pwned, Bill?

I have a trail on the Internet, a history; this blog is most of it and you can look it over to your heart's content. I'm not entirely consistent, my spelling is poor and my writing is rife with typos but I'm not ashamed of what I've written.

Most people who've been active on the 'net have an online history; our words and actions linger. You post something on of one of the many forums or hosting websites and it is largely out of your control. It doesn't matter if you were being hip or flippant, kidding, "edgy," intending to shock or totally serious; unless it was extremely clear, your intent is lost and all that remains are the words and images. If it looks bad, you can live it down or live down to it but it's not going to go away.

I've got more material on the individual Bill is jibing me over here, most of which looks very bad indeed, that I am still thinking over posting. I don't know if it adds anything to the discussion or really answers any questions. It does build a pattern, as does the INGO thread.

And for actual racists out there, screw you. The rights to life, liberty and property apply to everyone, no matter who their ancestors were or what their religion or national origin might be, and that includes the right to defend all three by words and by deeds. Since you've got a problem with that, you're not on my side and I'm not on yours. But don't assume there are only two sides. From where I stand, you and Bill have a lot in common, starting with jerky knees.

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Drang said...

"There are a number of points raised by Bill."
Still, you can't see his main point, as long as he keeps his hat on.

Jeffro said...

Quoting one of my favorite philosophers - Charlie Brown: "Good grief!"

Divemedic said...

OK, Bill- so a guy with a racist past makes all of the people who supported what he had to say about guns guilty of racism.

That means that everyone who supports gun control is guilty of the crimes committed by MAIG.

Stranger said...

Every time I see one of these bigots spouting off I am reminded of the Harvard ethnologist who wanted to talk to Black Kettle.

After a long buckboard ride over the prairie, the livery driver dropped the dude off within sight of the Kettle's encampment, and left at a high rate of speed.

Limping into the encampment, the dude received a pleasant welcome and gave his regards to Black Kettle. Then he asked where he could put his bag where it would be safe.

"Just anywhere around here. There's not a white man within a day's ride," was Moke-tav-a-to's response.


Anonymous said...

You are not a NAZI have to look up "Weisse Rasse" on Google Translate to figure out what the commenter is blathering about.

Roberta X said...

True, Anon; I had to Google it. Came tripping right off his keyboard, though.

Tam talks about analyzing a poster by his "fist," how he writes, turns of phrase, etc. His is a bit hinky. If this Bill guy didn't have a blog over a year old (with one post, chiding former Marion County prosecutor Carl Brizzi), I'd be wondering what flag, exactly, was tacked up in his garage.

CGHill said...

If there's a League of Self-Righteous Schmucks, he probably just missed being Poster Boy.

wv: "mistest." The only way you can derive IQ figures for such people.

karrde said...

Good response.

(I think I can parse weisse rasse without Google, now that someone mentions it. But I blame that on the after-effects of comparing the Old English to the Modern English in my copy of Beowulf.)

Panamared said...

Considering that most of the gun control idiocy in this country got it's start in racism, it's difficult to believe that any racist would advocate universal carry.

Secesh said...

Speaking of bill, isn't it funny that someone who calls others nazis ends his comment with a german quote?

Roberta X said...

Secesh: You know, most German-speakers these days are not only not Nazis, they don't have anything nice to say about them. It's not that it's a German quote -- it's what the quote says and how handy he had it.